President Message

President Femra Khawar

I am deeply honored to serve as president of Faisalabad Electronic Media Reporters Alliance (Reg), and am enthusiastic about working with the young journalists at this outstanding and diverse organization. There is no other organization quite like The Faisalabad Electronic Media Reporters Alliance (Reg)  at Faisalabad.

FEMRA has much to be proud of: young journalists ; and a community that recognizes our organization as a vital journalistic resource for the Faisalabad.

As president, I intend to build on the successes of recent years by working with the journalistic community, friends, and civial society to ensure that FEMRA  remains among the top media organization in the Faisalabad.

We need your help to do it. Your continued loyalty, support, and enthusiasm have been the bedrock of our success. Let’s continue to build an exciting future for this great organization — together.

Thank you again for visiting our website.

Syed Khawar Abbas


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Our Vision

FEMRA is committed to the welfare, dignity, and independence of all journalists, regardless of caste, color, gender, faith, region, or faith to that finish, training concentrate on enhancing journalists’ sense of responsibility to support the development of a democratic society. Support is one approach FEMRA uses to express its belief within the power of journalism to form a stronger society. FEMRA frequently conveys its considerations to the relevant higher authorities in the government, and keeps international journalist forums informed about the issues and difficulties that Pakistani journalists face. FEMRA take initiatives to promote Peace to all over the Pakistan. The organization proposes a stronger and healthier image of Pakistan as a tolerant, peace-loving, and moderate Muslim state conducive toward this vision through analysis, interaction, dialogues, Seminars, workshops and publications that promote harmony between completely different religions and cultures For example, FEMRA gathers basic information regarding the members of the profession, the impact of technological developments, industrial relations, and connected matters in order to establish an information bank: a compilation of the case laws and handbooks on varied problems having a control on professional work. 

FEMRA is committed to protecting the basic rights of operating journalists, including their job security and safe working environments for freedom of expression. To that end, FEMRA works to provide justice to journalists whose rights are violated (e.g., who are harried or pressured to stay silent on certain issues) by highlighting the unforgiving behavior of government agencies, the police, newspaper homeowners, etc. This involves providing free legal help and steerage to the journalists, who have been victimized, furthermore as highlighting these problems within the news and contacting the concerned authorities for immediate action against the culprits. FEMRA raises its voice for the protection of rights of journalists on an international level, keeping a regular watch on the right implementation of various laws. To support this aim, FEMRA maintains a continuous liaison with international journalist organizations and associations on the analysis and development of problems benefiting the rights and welfare of Pakistani journalists reading, writing, journalism, and serving the community. Since the association went online,

The organization was established as the Faisalabad Electronic Media Reporters Association (FEMRA) under Section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law as a successor to the Forum of Electronic Media Reporters, which was created in 2017.

FEMRA promotes young journalists’ and writers’ rights, helps its members get published without any fees, attract sponsors, who cover the association’s expenses and pay for prizes for best writings, give chances to members to exchange their views and ideas, helps members find jobs in media, etc. Another one of our goals is promoting more minorities to journalism and quality writing and we look forward to our sponsors to establish special scholarships for this purpose. 

The association maintains lots more than just writing related material on the Facebook page. The organization continues adding more features to the Facebook page. To provide a both useful and fun experience in writing to its members and non members. The organization maintains media and college directories for students and job seekers to have information for their needs. Members can post and read classifieds and resumes for free. You will find many other interesting things including games, interesting ads,

The overall goal of FEMRA is to strengthen Pakistan’s fragile political context by shifting Pakistani attitudes and behaviors away from adversarial approaches towards greater tolerance, inclusiveness, Promoting peace and understanding among the country’s various regional, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.

Improved capacity and sustainability of Pakistani media and Young Journalist to play a Proactive role in creating peace and promoting tolerance, co-existence and non-extremism, 

Enhanced ability of Pakistani youth and local leaders to explore relevant issues through constructive, solutions-oriented approaches towards reconciliation and conflict transformation.

Increased moderation and tolerance across the country achieved by establishing mechanisms for Pakistani youth, civil society, and local government officials to foster greater collaboration towards constructive dialogue and increased understanding of local conflict dynamics.